Friday, February 14, 2014

A year ago...

Today is St. Valentine’s Day.  A year ago today Daniel and I went to see the doctor because I was having some weird symptoms after a D&C surgery for retained placenta. We sat there in the exam room with our little 4 week old baby. I told him my symptoms, but he sort of shook his head not sure of why I was having them.  He went on to tell us that the pathology from the D&C had come back.  It was not just normal placental tissue, it was placental cancer.  Choriocarcinoma.  I remember just trying to say that word.  I have what?  Let's just say we were taken a bit by surprise at this news.  The rest of the day was filled with getting questions answered, blood work, getting appointments for the specialist and a CAT scan, and arranging childcare.  But the main thing I remember of that day was walking out of the office to go to the lab for blood work and Daniel held Thomas with one arm and had his other arm tightly around me. We got outside and stopped and just looked at each other.  We knew very little of what having choriocarcinoma meant, we were scared, but we knew we were starting out on a new journey in our tenth year of marriage and in our hearts, if not in our minds, were the words “in sickness and in health…I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.” That Valentine’s Day wasn’t what our culture would call romantic for Daniel and I…I don’t remember any chocolate and we wouldn’t have had the appetite to eat it.  There weren’t any flowers; we were too preoccupied to think of things like that.  But we were at each other’s side when we most needed the comfort, encouragement, strength, and love of a spouse.  Daniel sacrificed a lot this year to care for me and our family.  That is real romance.  I am so grateful for Daniel.  This past year was hard for us, really hard at times.  But I know our marriage is stronger now.  Our love is deeper.  God gave us a cross and we’ve carried it together.  Our Lord uses all things for the good of those who love Him.    

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We recently had family photos taken so I just had the urge to update the blog.  A lot has gone on in the 17 months since I last posted including the birth of our sixth child, Thomas, in January.  He's already 6 months!  This is the photo in the sidebar...
He's such a happy kid.  Smiles and giggles galore.  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Joseph is ONE!

Happy Birthday, Little Joe! We love you so.

Joseph, or Jo-Jo-the-Goat, as he is sometimes called, is such a fun little boy. He has a bubbly personality that starts at 5:30 or 6 in the morning. Thankfully, most days he can entertain himself beside me in the bed as I try to catch another hour of sleep. He loves to look at and eat books. He eats most anything, hence the nickname. He waves "ba, ba" and makes adorable faces, likes to clap and dance (mainly by rolling his wrists and waving his head back and forth). He makes us laugh and we love him so.


Remember that wider opening Daniel made over the Christmas Octave? Well, that was sort of the beginning of a large project to tile our floor. See that tile in the photo above? It had to go, which was one dusty weekend project, giving you the view below.See that linoleum down there? It had to go. That was one big family even became a homeschooling project for a day. Don't worry, they made up their lessons the next day. While we were making a mess, we decided to scrape off the popcorn ceiling, too. The tiling is coming along and Daniel is doing a great job. We still have a long way to go, so please say a prayer for patience.

Christmas Octave Happenings

We really celebrated this Octave of Christmas this year (and did a fairly good job keeping Advent as a season of preparation, not celebrating).
One of the highlights of the Christmas Octave was Juan Pablo's first Confession and Holy Communion. He went to confession for the first time on Christmas day right after Mass. Then on Christmas Thursday at a Mass celebrated by my brother and our parish priest, he received the Holy Eucharist. We had a festive dinner reception afterwards in the parish hall.
Daniel wasn't able to take the whole Octave off, but still had plenty of free time to cut a larger opening in the wall between our kitchen and living room and help the boys with target practice using their new BB guns.
I never did get a really good family photo or photo of the children, but these two are some attempts. :)

Our Christmas Pageant

At my parents, the cousins all participated in a Nativity play with the adults singing carols and directing. It was amusing and cute.
We definitely didn't get as cute as the video I posted, but I think we did pretty well. It was a big improvement over our previous Nativity "pictures" since this year we actually followed a script. Before it went more like, "Alright, everyone pick a character, get some sort of costume, stand here, and we'll try to take a picture that includes everyone looking at the camera and smiling."

Christmas 2011

We cut our Christmas tree down on the 22nd of December at a local Christmas tree farm. They have desert pines which is why the trees have survived the Texas drought and heat. We went with Daniel's parents and they loaded it in the back of their vehicle to bring it back to our house where we set it up. We decorated it over the next two days, just in time for Christmas Eve Mass.

After Mass we came home and had Dominoes pizza, candy, and sparkling soda. Maria Victoria was the only one who fell asleep on the way home and therefore missed the Christmas treats. That's our Jesse Tree on the table.

Emmanuel turned 6...

...back in December. We had homemade begniets and he went ice skating with Daniel, Juan Pablo and some friends.
Daniel's parents and brother came and we celebrated a belated birthday and early Christmas which included chopping down a pine tree at the Christmas tree farm. (more on that in next post)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

A few "recent" happenings

My parents both completed their 60th year in 2011, therefore we celebrated!

Daniel completed 33 years at the end of November.
Our friends had a little "Preparing for Christmas" party to watch "A Christmas Carol" and visit.
After the movie, which was the Muppets' version, the kids dressed up. This is Solanus!

On the 6th of December, the feast of St. Nicholas, we joined some of our friends for a visit from the good saint. He asked the kids questions and they were rewarded for correct answers.

Yesterday, after Mass, there was a parish pot luck to celebrate St. Francis Xavier (the parish's patron), Guadete Sunday, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was complete with a pony to pet and a pinata! In the background, Father really enjoying the festivities.

A happy, tired Joseph on the ride home.